Crystal Hook

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Crystal Hook is a 28-year-old and 4″3′ young lady who has developmental delays and is nonverbal.  Crystal is also 90% blind. Even though her disabilities affect her, she still keeps going. Crystal does suffer from her issues daily. Crystal often has tantrums during daily activities like walking or getting up to come to the table to eat or even the potty.  These activities do not make sense to her and are hard to perform – her struggles to perform regular activities don’t always make sense to the average person, but she has to work harder than most to complete them.

When Crystal has her tantrums we just keep going and get done with what we need to accomplish. Crystal doesn’t really have any friends due to her disabilities and being nonverbal causes a disconnect for Crystal and most kids.  Most children have some type of communication and are able to interact with one another; Crystal doesn’t have many social opportunities due to not being in school anymore.  When I talk to Crystal she does understand and will look at you while you talk to her – but there are hurdles that most will not take the time to overcome.
A service dog for Crystal will provide both physical support and a social bridge to connect Crystal with people she comes in contact with. A service dog would help out and be there for guidance and stability for Crystal and even help her calm down when she is overwhelmed by her environment. Crystal has been like this since birth and has overcome a lot of obstacles – when she was due to crawl, she didn’t until I got help and then she was wheelchair bound until she started school at the age of 4.  The school worked with her every day to get her to walk. They put knee pads on her and a helmet so that in case she fell, she wouldn’t get hurt. The school got Crystal walking and even though she gets unsteady at times she is still walking.  We’re proud of these obstacles that Crystal has overcome and feel a service dog would help her overcome even more.

If you can help Crystal with a donation in her name please visit 4 Paws For Ability Donate Now page Include Crystal Hook’s name in the donation by following the instructions on Authorize.Net. Donations can also be made by mailing a check with Crystal’s name on the memo line to:

                4 Paws For Ability
                In Honor of Crystal Hook
                253 Dayton Ave.
                Xenia, Ohio  45385

As a parent trying to get your child what they need to make it in this world is hard, sometimes you need help.  Thank you for taking the time to read about Crystal and for any support you can provide. God bless.