Alaska Match June 2019

By | Class Graduates

Dear Garrett,

Hello! Well, this is the biggest day of my life! Just this morning my trainer Peg came knocking on my kennel to tell me some great news! You are my boy!

Yes yes yes!! Well let me introduce myself first. I am a boy dog. I’m big and fluffy and my name is Berry. Peg is always saying that I am a very pretty boy. I was born in Ohio but when I was a baby dog I flew in a plane with Peg to Alaska. Oh I really like it here! When I first got here I lived with the Estes family. They have three girls that played with me and a cool dad that was a police detective and he took me lots of places. They had to move to a new house so I went to live with Peg and that has been fun too.

My dad’s name is Bodhi, he is famous at 4 Paws for being a good dog and my mom’s name is Funkytown. She is a good dog too. I’m a golden retriever and was born on August 6, 2017 in the Lala Loopsy litter, that’s a fun show from TV. Did I mention that Peg says I’m a pretty boy?

Garrett, I like to snuggle up, I think that’s my favorite, but a few weeks ago I learned to swim and it was way fun! I’ve also learned lots of ways to help you out Garrett. Mostly though I just want to be your very bestest buddy in the world. Will you be my bestest buddy?

Peg says we will meet soon. I can’t wait for that day! I feel like the luckiest dog alive, to have a boy like you. Hurry hurry to Anchorage because I want to snuggle up!

See you soon!

Love your new bestest buddy,

These dogs change lives

By | Class Graduates

4 Paws For Ability: “These dogs change lives”.
– Our favorite quote from our April 2019 graduating class.
To find out how you can change the lives of the puppies in our programs, please check out our “Puppy House Campaign”
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