Alaska Grad August 2019

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Dear Sebastian,

Hi!! This is a very happy day for me. It’s the best day ever because my trainer Peg told me that you are my boy!!

Guess what. I am a boy too! That makes us best brothers! I’ll tell you a little about myself…my name is Guinness. I was born in Ohio at 4 Paws and lived in the puppy house there. While I was still a baby dog Peg brought me on a big airplane to Alaska so I could get ready for you!

My litter name is Cinco de Marcho and my birthday is
March 5, 2018. I look like a golden retriever but I’m also half lab, cool huh? I hear Peg tell me all the time that I’m cute. But you know what else I am? I’m yours!

What do you like to do for fun? I hope you like to throw tennis balls. If you do then I’ll bring it back every time, if you promise to throw it again! I like to chew Nylabones and just hang out too. But mostly I’m here to help you out and I just can’t wait!

Peg says I’ll see you very soon. Until then, High Five!! I hope you know how to high five cuz I do!

Love and a high five,

July Grad Highlight

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4 Paws For Ability: It’s truly amazing witnessing the strength of the parents. With each graduation, I am in awe of their will and dedication to their families. A true testament that no matter what card you are dealt, ❤️ can overcome anything! Especially, the love you have for your children!