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NC High School Senior lends her talents

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One of the many blessings associated with being a member of the 4 Paws For Ability family is the numerous random acts of kindness we are so fortunate to witness. One example of such generosity came to us by letter last month from a young girl in North Carolina. Below is her letter: To: 4… Read more »

2 Weeks ONLY – Limited Edition 4 Paws Shirts!

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Starting on Monday, July 15th, 4 Paws fans can show their support via a t-shirt campaign through! The organization uses shirt design and sales as a means to raise funds for a variety of charities and causes. For us, they designed a beautiful green shirt with the slogan, “Enriching Lives” on the chest. Our… Read more »

Evan makes best friend for life

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Boy-turned author gets long-awaited service dog XENIA, Ohio – Evan Moss, a bubbly, very interactive 8-year-old plays with his electronic game. Legs stretched out behind him as he lay on his stomach, atop a quilted blanket. Next to him, legs stretched out, lying on her belly too is Mindy. Paws up, she is chewing on… Read more »

4 Paws named Midwest CHARITY OF THE YEAR!

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XENIA, Ohio — 4 Paws for Ability has been named the Midwest region’s Charity of the Year, by the 4th Annual Classy Awards, hosted by StayClassy.     “It was awesome just to be nominated but to win the regionals, that is just amazing! As the founder of 4 Paws I am humbled,” said Karen Shirk,… Read more »