Boy turns 10, makes dream come true for girl

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EUGENE, Ore. – A red, construction paper, handmade card simply says: “Happy Holidays” with a black-ink pen-drawn paw with four toes. At the top, the words: “to: Alexijanae G.” It’s a birthday present that Cade Jacobson was proud to give to someone else this year.

In lieu of birthday gifts, 10-year-old Cade, gave a gift to someone else this year when blowing out his candles—a gift to fellow youngster, Alexijanae Kanani Oliveira-Golden.

Alexijanae has had medical issues since she was born, said her parents. She suffers from a rare disorder called Schizencephaly, and Texas Children’s Hospital diagnosed her with Dyskinetic quadriplegic cerebral palsy in 2008. She and her family started the fundraising process for a 4 Paws for Ability service dog. Cade wanted to help.

In fact, that’s what his skating-themed birthday party was all about.

Instead of Transformers, video games, or an iPad, Cade asked his party guests to bring a donation toward making one little girl’s dream of obtaining a 4 Paws for Ability service dog come true.

There was skating and cake and lots of happy kids, including one little boy who was turning 10 and giving back.

Inside the red card to Alexijanae read: “For my birthday, I raised $500 to send to you so you can hopefully have enough or close enough to get a service dog. Sincerely, Cade J. in Eugene, Ore.” The opposite page read: “Have a happy holiday too and a good New Year’s.”

But that wasn’t the only gift he sent to the girl, who just turned 10 this year as well.

Inside the holiday card to Alexijanae was a colored piece of artwork… a vibrant bug, full of pink, blue, green, purple and orange-colored crayon strokes covered the page freshly ripped from one of his coloring books. At the bottom read: “To Alexijanae From Cade.”

Alexijanae’s mom said that she needs a service dog more than anyone will ever know, as they face challenges every day. The little girl, like most, wants independence, freedom, and she wants to dance and be in gymnastics. She wants to do her own dressing and take her own shoes off . . . but at the moment she cannot do any of those things that most 10-year-olds take for granted. But now, thanks to Cade’s generosity and his party guests’ support, she is well on her way to getting that furry best friend and service dog she so desperately needs.

 By Jessica Noll-Korczyk


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