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Bo Van Pelt

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Help Bo Get a Christmas Miracle


Our Get Bo a Buddy Campaign (#getboabuddy) is an Autism/FASD Service Dog fundraiser for Bonita, who goes by Bo.  Bo is an intelligent, funny, and spunky 11 year old who is a unique soul that brings creativity and kindness into the world. 


Bo was adopted at 3 years old and was soon after diagnosed with Autism and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD). Bo struggles daily to navigate a world that is not easily understood, and gets anxious and overwhelmed easily.


Bo lives with her mom and two siblings who are also neurodiverse in a loving home with a multitude of supports. But, the one missing support that could help Bo at home, school, and in the community is a Service Dog trained just for Bo's needs through 4 Paws for Ability.


An Autism/FASD Service dog can help Bo in the following ways:

·         help with sleep by sleeping in the bed and providing sensory input

·         help prevent meltdowns by disrupting repetitive behaviors, anxiety, and self-injurious  responses through sensory input and attention

·         when a meltdown does happen the dog can help soothe Bo and support the transition back to a safe activity

·         help bridge social interactions with peers and adults who may not understand Bo's neurodiversity and be a reliable friend to Bo  

·         help Bo develop life skills and leadership responsibilities by taking care of the dog

·         help the family more successfully participate in family events and community activities by providing Bo a one-on-one support


How the Community Can Help


It costs 4 Paws for Ability between $40,000 – $60,000 to train and properly place each service dog. The funding model is partial payment for services so 4 Paws covers most of the cost; Bo’s family needs to raise $17,000! 


Donations can be made via credit card or check:


1)      Credit card donations can be made directly to 4 Paws via the Get Bo a Buddy Facebook fundraiser:

2)      Credit Card payment over the phone at 4 Paws by calling 937-374-0385 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 4 PM EST, mention that your donation is for Bonita Van Pelt

3)       Checks can be made payable to 4 Paws for Ability with Bonita Van Pelt on the memo line and mailed to:

4 Paws for Ability

In Honor of Bonita Van Pelt

207 Dayton Ave.

Xenia, Ohio 45385