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You could raise a puppy too!

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Please consider welcoming a service dog in training into your home by taking part in our Puppy Raiser Program as a Volunteer Trainer! No experience is required, just loving people ready to commit to partnering with 4 Paws to raise a service dog in training. Please go to our website to learn the steps to… Read more »

Isaiah Springer

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Isaiah is a sweet and loving 6 year old boy.  He lives at home with his 3 siblings, both parents and his pet tortoise, Hector. Isaiah’s father, is an Active duty Air Force member and is regularly away from home on behalf of his country.  Every few years Isaiah and his family are required to… Read more »

Courtney Golin

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Courtney lives with a variety of health conditions (Cerebral Palsy, Autism, OCD, Sensory Integration problems) that have impacted her ability to live independently. One of the most impactful conditions that she lives with is Epilepsy, which affects her every day. She is on a plethora of medications, natural remedies and has a VNS implanted in… Read more »

Harlan Hawkins

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Harlan has been diagnosed with epilepsy, global developmental delays, restless leg syndrome, and possible speech apraxia. We are still early in our journey through the special needs world, and are currently still seeking additional diagnoses to explain a few more of his complex issues. At 3 and a half, Harlan spends his weeks attending private… Read more »

Alexijanae Kanani Oliveira-Golden

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My child’s full name is Alexijanae Kanani Oliveira-Golden. She had medical issues at birth. She is suffering from a rare disorder called Schizencephaly. And Texas Children’s Hospital diagnosed her with Dyskinetic quadropalegic cerebral palsy in 2008. She has clefts in the hemisphere surface. It’s a disorder that takes place in normal neuron migration during the… Read more »

Dodge Coy

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Dodge Coy needs a service dog Dodge is an autistic 5-year old boy with extreme sensory processing challenges.  This causes Dodge to either crave sensory input in the home by repetively jumping, spinning, or moving with no concern for personal safety; this same sensory processing challenge causes him to be overwhelmed in public, which can… Read more »

Kendall Wirth

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Our daughter, Kendall, is a 3.5-year-old girl from Florence, NJ with Autism. She has many challenges and limitations in her daily life which make things harder for her, and us, her family. She wanders and runs away and while it’s common for kids with ASD, it is terrifying and nerve wracking for us. Because of… Read more »