Kylie Vogt

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Kylie is an amazingly happy little girl. She has been through so much!! Not knowing what Kylie will do, she has conquered SO much! She learned to crawl at 2 almost 3 then at 3 while close to the end of her first year in preschool learned to WALK!!! This did not come without its challenges. She is still a little unstable, but works through it and tries so hard!!!! She has learned to "run." We call it Kylie's run. She is non verbal, but has also made soooo much progress in vocalization!!! She is trying to say NAMES of everyday people that she is around. Also many people are well aware of Kylie's seizures, which might I add are very scary!!!! In true Kylie form when she does have an episode she takes it like a champ and FIGHTS!!!! She hasn't had many surgeries but has had a few: tonsils and adenoids removed, ear tubes various times along with a few other procedures. Kylie fights and pops right back up EVERY single time!!! This child lets nothing stop her!!! Kylie's genetic abnormality gives her a very slight increase of developing cancer, which obviously doesn't mean much to Kylie but she keeps fighting!!! With all the appointment, scares and tears we have had with her, she is ALWAYS HAPPY and ALWAYS FIGHTING! With all the fighting it's our turn to make something happen for her that will give her more independence and more FREEDOM! Which she so much deserves.  She deserves to try and be a "typical" child as much as possible, and this dog will give her that opportunity!!!  This will also give her dad a little bit less anxiety when it comes to Kylie. When she is playing if he turns his backs for a second there is a companion ALWAYS watching out for this little girl!!! No matter the amount every little bit will help!!!! Please help us reach our goal and get Miss Kylie her Dog, her little bit of independence.  

Support 4 Paws with the Vacationeer!

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Fall Festival Entertainment Announced

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BIG news! We are announcing our entertainment for the 4 Paws Fall Festival; 4 Paws’ very own dog trainer, Emily Sulka!

Emily began music at an early age, starting choir in fourth grade and band in fifth grade. She’s always loved singing and writing, and started writing songs in high school, which is also when she started playing ukulele and guitar. Through the years, she majored in music and spent a semester in Nashville focused on songwriting. A year ago, she released her first EP, This is My Stage, which can be found anywhere you listen to music. Since then, she’s been working on writing more songs, as well as a novel, and performing.

Emily was introduced to 4 Paws For Ability her very first week of college, through Cedarville University’s involvement fair. She knew she wanted to be an on campus foster, but first she volunteered at 4 Paws for two years, became a sitter for a semester, and finally fostered two dogs, Pikachu and Ender. She was also Events Coordinator for the Cedarville student org, K9s at the Ville. After graduation, she realized she wanted to do service dog training for a living, and was hired as a Training Assistant at 4 Paws for Ability in May of 2019.

Check her out on Spotify here:

More information and tickets for the 4 Paws Fall Festival at Warrick farm can be found here:

Events & Fundraisers

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We have 6 tickets to the Sunday, Dec. 1 Bengals vs. Jets game to raffle off. The game time is 1 PM at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincy.

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Each virtual raffle ticket is $5. 2 tickets will be given to 1 raffle winner on each raffle date: September 13, October 13, and November 13. Tickets can be picked up at 4 Paws or mailed to you. Raffle tickets do not roll over, each raffle is a new raffle! Purchase tickets now – September 12 for the first chance, September 14-October 12 for the second chance, and October 14-November 12 to get in on the third chance!

Make your donations in increments of $5 at:

Tickets were donated by the Bengals; all money raised will go to the 4 Paws Veterans Program.

The Dog Dispatch

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4 Paws For Ability: 4 Paws for Ability is discontinuing our 4PawPrints newsletter. Keeping up with the time, we are trying to maximize our forms of communication to best suit our audience and make good use of our time.
Want to stay up to date with 4 Paws? Stay tuned right here, check out our Twitter or Instagram, or visit our new blog, The Dog Dispatch on our website.
Same great content, fun new delivery, less time for staff to compile…that sounds like a win, win, win to us!

Puppy Raiser Colleen

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Not only does puppy raising come with the opportunity to work with some awesome pups, it also provides you with a community of people who share the same passion! Puppy raiser Colleen Burns shares her experience

"I started volunteering with 4 Paws when I first started college and now I can’t imagine a college experience without 4 Paws For Ability! You become a part of an amazing community that provides endless support and I have made some of my closest friends from this organization on my campus. It also has given me a whole new perspective and admiration to service dog teams everywhere and makes me feel so grateful that I can be a part of an amazing dog’s journey to change someone’s life one day."

Join our puppy raising community!

Make A Difference

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4 Paws For Ability: When you see and feel the world differently than most: loud noises make you feel uneasy, make you run and cry. Large groups of people, even your own family, are sometimes more than you can handle…
I think we can all agree that this is fun for no one!
Let’s make a difference. 🐕🏠
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