2 Weeks ONLY – Limited Edition 4 Paws Shirts!

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Starting on Monday, July 15th, 4 Paws fans can show their support via a t-shirt campaign through NiceShirts.org!

The organization uses shirt design and sales as a means to raise funds for a variety of charities and causes. For us, they designed a beautiful green shirt with the slogan, “Enriching Lives” on the chest. Our name, “4 Paws For Ability” is listed underneath the logo. Proceeds from each sale go to benefit the 4 Paws mission.

Additionally, NiceShirts.org also offers customers the ability to easily add on a supplementary donation to 4 Paws in a variety of amounts. Using this feature is simple and convenient and helps to get us even closer to our goal!

But if you want one of these nice shirts, you’ll have to act quickly!

The promotion will last only two weeks, ending on July 29th. Once NiceShirts.org closes the 4 Paws store, the t-shirts they designed are gone for good!

Click on the shirt below to be taken directly to the store, and share the page with others so they may have the same opportunity! Thanks everyone!