Kendall & Lovey

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Kendall had not slept in her own bed in years and the night we arrived home with Lovey I said, “Time to go to your bed with Lovey.” It was nothing short of a miracle: she just headed off to bed and now two months after being home is still sleeping in her own room. Lovey is trained to track Kendall so if she runs off either from our home or while out in public Lovey can track her scent. Lovey keeps Kendall safe in public. We tether Kendall to Lovey and that way Kendall cannot run off to do her own thing, thus keeping her safe from predators and other hazards. Lovey is a devoted non-judgmental friend to Kendall keeping her from feeling so different and lonely. We have noticed her language bursts forth since getting our SD. She has fewer meltdowns and when she does Lovey is trained to nuzzle her to distract and settle her. My husband, who was skeptical even after bringing the dog home, has stated that this dog has changed our lives, and he never would have believed it could have ever been this good. We are thankful that an organization like 4 Paws For Ability exists and encourage anyone to make a tax deductible donation because it will be used wisely and will help a child(ren) fit into this world better.