Sue Formet: Helios Papillons

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December 2007. I have been working with Karen for about 3 years and I consider her a good friend. I found Karen and 4 Paws when I had a Papillon born with bad front leg.

This was one sweet Pap and I was planning on keeping her (of course) when it occurred to me that just the right organization might be able to help disabled children by showing them how wonderfully she (Gracie) got along on only three legs.

I checked with lots of local organizations that I found by word-of-mouth and over the Internet and no one was interested in my idea. (I also ran across several that I wouldn’t have sent her to even if they had wanted to take her!) When I went national in my search I rather quickly ran across the 4 Paws site. I read Ben’s story and looked at what they were trying to do and it seemed worth making a contact. The rest is history.

Karen liked my idea and I sent Gracie to her. In succeeding years, I have sent her a second Papillon, Piper, (actually Gracie’s sister) who I loved so much that there is absolutely no other person in the world I would have trusted her to except Karen.

Piper didn’t turn out as a show girl and I debated for months about whether or not I should let her go. Karen wanted her very much and so I finally sent her.

I most recently sent Karen two Phalene (drop eared Papillons) boys (Theo and Vinnie) who were as sweet as can be but were in no way going to make it in a show ring and were not what pet owners were looking for when they asked for Papillons. They were both trained by 4Paws and Theo went on to become the well loved and helpful “seizure trained” dog for a little boy named Bryant.

His brother, Vinnie, didn’t work out in the training and Karen called me tell me that they wanted to neuter and place him in a great pet home. I gave her the go ahead and Vinnie has now gone to live with the same family that Theo was placed with.

I have only been breeding and showing Papillons for about 7 years and I have finished several of my dogs. I have to tell you that no Championship has come even close to the wonderful feeling I’ve gotten from seeing pictures of my pups in the arms of autistic and other disabled children and reading the stories about Theo and Bryant.

Karen and her staff love their dogs and treat them just as we would in our own homes (maybe better).