Trey Odell

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I’m Trey, and I am 6. My autism affects many aspects of my daily living. It inhibits my speech and communication. It is hard for me to say what I want to say and get people to understand what I mean. It is so frustrating! Dad and Mom say it lessens my impulse control and… Read more »

Swafford Family Helps with Class Shirts

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Cyndi Swafford has been helping each class produce class shirts for some time now.  Classes must provide the design, and Cyndi takes care of having them printed and getting them to each class (no small feat!).  Any overages from shirt prices is donated to back to 4 Paws!  Below are some shirt samples – if you would… Read more »

Andrew Yocum

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Six-Year-Old Ohio Boy in Need of Life-Saving Seizure Assistance Dog Andrew Yocum came into the world on May 5, 2008. He was perfectly healthy until his first seizure at three and a half years old. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Within the first year of his Epilepsy diagnosis; he had four cases of pneumonia, became allergic to… Read more »

Caroline Kahle

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Help us support 4 Paws for Ability’s mission to place service dogs with children, including a diabetic alert dog for our daughter, Caroline Amazingly enough, service dogs can be trained to detect blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes, and alert them when their sugar is outside of a healthy range. 4 Paws for Ability… Read more »

Hannah Sichelstiel

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I would like to introduce you to our daughter, Hannah.  Hannah blessed our family June 30, 2003 and made our family complete.  She was perfect!  Our world came to a complete halt on September 5, 2003; Hannah had her first seizure. Hannah’s life began with many and multiple types of seizure.  Her very first few… Read more »

Elias Guzman

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Elias Guzman is an incredible 6 year old boy who happens to have Down Syndrome. He has great difficulty processing new situations causing him severe anxiety which leads to his withdrawal from his social environment, he is a non-verbal and that a big challenge for him. He suffer from Apnea and as a family we… Read more »

Trissanna Hunter

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A Multipurpose dog needed for my Zebra Trissanna My story is about my beautiful Zebra Trissanna. Trissanna was born in 2001 with a rare syndrome called EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). By the age of 2 she started showing signs of EDS. It wasn’t until the age of 9 she was finally diagnosed with 2 types, type… Read more »

Jayden Livermore

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Jayden is a 7 year old boy who is in second grade and is in an autistic support classroom. He struggles with self control and a lot of sensory issues. He has an intellectual disability which puts him at the level of a four year old. Jayden not only has autism but also struggles with health issues. This past summer he… Read more »

Zebadiah Chambliss

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We have applied for our son to receive a tasked-trained Autism Assistance Dog, and he is approved! Now you may wonder why exactly does he need an Autism Assistance Dog and what can this dog do for him? Forty-nine percent of children with Autism wander…our son is part of that statistic. This is our biggest… Read more »

Jerica & Gabe VanNest

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  It has been said that a dog is a man’s best friend, and that a life without a furry sidekick is missing something. The life of a child with special needs is undoubtedly incomplete without the love and companionship of a beloved dog. 4 Paws Mission seeks to remedy this by training service dogs… Read more »