Christian Burt

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The dream of a service dog for Christian -Introducing Christian.   Christian was born November 8, 2011. A day that would forever change the hearts and minds of those close to him… Christian was born with Cerebral Palsy.   Christian did not have the ‘typical’ birthing process. He had a water birth! During the birthing… Read more »

Adam Lucas

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Adam looking for a homerun in service dog Hi, my name is Shonda Lucas and I want to tell you a story about a little boy, my little boy, Adam. From the outside Adam looks like any other five year old boy. He’s cute, he loves superheroes and playing in the park. He’s bright, energetic,… Read more »

Luke Wilcox

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Luke in desperate need of Autism Assistance Dog for safety and companionship Luke has a wonderful, big smile, bright blue eyes, and curly hair. He enjoys going to school, reading books, playing outside, and pushing anything with wheels. He also likes watching movies and playing on the IPAD. He has the best laugh. He enjoys… Read more »

Matthew Farnam

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Autism Assistance Dog could be magic for Mathew Our son is an energetic, fun loving 3 year old who continues to amaze us daily. At a young age he was able to assemble 24 piece jigsaw puzzles and his first 50 words were all names of animals from farm to pet and even some exotic… Read more »

Dennis “DJ” Bowman

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Helping DJ find his dog Like any parent, I strive to do everything possible to give my child an opportunity to live a happy, healthy life and give him the best possible future. My son Dennis, (or DJ) has Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, fine and gross motor delay, Epilepsy, selective mustism, anxiety, speech delays,… Read more »

Dustin “Jacob” Vega

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Waiting for his best friend Dustin “Jacob” Vega is a 13 year old, who was diagnosed with Generalized Epileptic Seizures, Along with Depression, Asthma, and Sleep Disorder.   Jacob loves Lego’s, video games and helping others. He is a deacon in our church and is active in Boy Scouts. But his true love is music,… Read more »

Kayden Wilson

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Helping Kayden on his quest for a service dog Kayden is a loving goofy 8 year old boy.  He loves monkeys, skylanders, playing his Xbox, playing games on his tablet, and watching the Disney Channel.  At a young age we knew Kayden was different than other kids.  He was not talking yet at the age… Read more »

Jacob Sprowl

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Jake’s Cause Jacob Sprowl is a wonderful, caring 11 year old child that is caught up in the turmoil of a disorder that leaves him frustrated and exhausted. Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements and vocalizations called tics. TS, as it is often referred to, is more common… Read more »

Mark Tyskiewicz

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Imagine: Mark with a life-changing service dog imageMark is a 13 year old boy who loves his iPads, loves to read books, loves to swim, and enjoys playing with his stuffed “friends”. Mark was born with a rare genetic disorder that causes him to have multiple disabilities and global developmental delays. Mark spent the first… Read more »

Karen wins Character Award in Eagle Rare competition!

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Well friends, the votes have been counted and the judges at Eagle Rare have made their determinations. After months of rallying behind our Founder, Karen Shirk, we are pleased to announce that thanks to your commitment and tireless support, Karen has been selected for the Character Award in this year’s Eagle Rare Life competition! There… Read more »