Cameron Johnston

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Cameron Johnston is a smart, loving, and adventurous 16 month old boy. At just 13 months old, Cameron was taken to his pediatrician’s office to be evaluated for having cold-like symptoms. During this visit, Cameron had a Tonic-Clonic (formerly known as Grand Mal) seizure, lasting 18 minutes long. Cameron was subsequently diagnosed with a having… Read more »

Ella and Elaina Carson

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4 Paws for 2 Sisters      Meet Ella and Elaina Carson. The Carson family have 6 children, 4 of the children are biological and 2 are chosen (adopted). The 3 youngest all have Down Syndrome.     Ella was born Nov 2008. Our 4th child. Shortly after her birth the doctors informed us that… Read more »

Theo Giattini

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Dear Family and Friends, Theo, our precious 4 year old boy was born with some mighty big challenges.  He has a 100% hearing deficit.  He also has Autism, and an inhibited sense of danger, which puts him highly at risk for running into dangerous situations at a second’s notice. We have been approved for a… Read more »

Luke Spond

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Luke is our sweet, fun, and loving 3-year-old son who enjoys being in the company of others, especially his family and familiar friends. Luke loves reading board books, hiking in a stroller, and swinging at the local park. He also enjoys playing musical instruments and the smile on his face after an accomplishment is priceless!… Read more »

Dylan Gringas

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My name is Dylan Gingras. I am 5 years old. I am in Pre-Kindergarten at Valley Christian Academy. I was adopted from the foster system, with my 2 younger brothers, when I was 2 years old.  I am a very smart, active, outgoing and loving little boy. I love to ride my bike, read, draw,… Read more »

Robbie Clason

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I would love for you to meet Robbie.  My son, Robbie, is a 13 yr old boy from Lolo, Montana. In 2003 at about 6 months of age, Robbie was diagnosed with hypotonic Cerebral Palsy, Gorlins syndrome (skin cancer) and a complete deletion on chromosome 9.  His chromosomal disorder has no name as he is… Read more »

Amanda Williams

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Amanda was born in March 2010 as a normal delivery with no complications. At her two month check-up the doctor noticed that she had a very small head and it looked like her soft spot closed, so we went in for an MRI. The MRI showed her soft spot was open but her cerebellum on… Read more »

Shane Popiny

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Meet Shane Popiny! Shane is a 8 year old Stroke survivor and  has cerebral palsy  with foot deformity and expressive language disorder, along with other  medical diagnoses.  Shane is a patient at Children’s hospital of Philadelphia  and is on their stroke and cerebral palsy team.  Our son receives botox  injections every 4-6 months  to his entire… Read more »

Caylee Marshall

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Meet seven-year-old Caylee Marshall. Caylee has had a lot of health issues since birth. She was an extremely high risk pregnancy. She was born blue at 32 weeks. Later in NICU, she stopped breathing. She is developmentally delayed and started First Steps when she was about five months old. She is now in rehab at… Read more »

IRS Publishes End-of-Year Giving Tips

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4 Paws for Ability relies on the donation and support of donors to successfully complete their mission every year.  These donations com in all shapes, sizes, and forms!  We wanted to share some helpful information from the IRS on End-of-Year Gifts to help those considering making a donation to charity before the New Year!  … Read more »