Jude Hollenbeck

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Jude is a two and half year old boy who defines happiness.  He loves the little red fuzzy monster, Elmo. He loves the feeling of splashing and swimming through water. He loves tightly snuggling Mr. Bear at bedtime. He loves long rides in the car that let him absorb the outside world. But, most of… Read more »

Jordan Blackstone

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Jordan’s journey began with us a few years ago when he and his two sisters joined our family through the gift of adoption in 2010. He was an adorable and athletic two year old who we fell in love with the moment we met him. Jordan is now a happy six year old boy who… Read more »

Olivia Anders

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Our daughter, Olivia, has received special education services since she was 9 months old. Born at 34 weeks gestation, Olivia faced immense health problems during the first 4 years of her life including anemia, an open heart valve which closed with medication, torticallis, plagiocephaly, severe oral phase dysphagia, PICA, salmonella poisoning, multiple protein food allergy which… Read more »

Swafford Family Helps with Class Shirts

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Cyndi Swafford has been helping each class produce class shirts for some time now.  Classes must provide the design, and Cyndi takes care of having them printed and getting them to each class (no small feat!).  Any overages from shirt prices is donated to back to 4 Paws!  Below are some shirt samples – if you would… Read more »

Andrew Yocum

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Six-Year-Old Ohio Boy in Need of Life-Saving Seizure Assistance Dog Andrew Yocum came into the world on May 5, 2008. He was perfectly healthy until his first seizure at three and a half years old. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Within the first year of his Epilepsy diagnosis; he had four cases of pneumonia, became allergic to… Read more »

Ryler Boyle

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4 Paws for Ryler Our 4 year old son, Ryler truly is our superhero. He has been through more in the past four years than many of us will go through in a lifetime. Please help us secure a service dog for him to help keep him safe and provide him with companionship so the… Read more »

Caroline Kahle

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Help us support 4 Paws for Ability’s mission to place service dogs with children, including a diabetic alert dog for our daughter, Caroline Amazingly enough, service dogs can be trained to detect blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes, and alert them when their sugar is outside of a healthy range. 4 Paws for Ability… Read more »

Leah Conrad

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In October 2014, Leah, age 4, was diagnosed with epilepsy after a brief stay at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Afterward we began trying to understand how this diagnosis would affect not only our lives, but also Leah’s. We started searching for available resources for epilepsy, which introduced us to 4 Paws for Ability. We are raising money… Read more »

Ruthie Boyle

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Hi, my name is Ruthie. I am 5 years old, and when I was 2 years old I was diagnosed with autism. I also have strabismus, which means my eyes wander and don’t stay straight. I have had 5 eye surgeries to try and correct this. Having autism means that I learn a little differently,… Read more »

Henry Baumgartner

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Hello, meet Henry! He is 3 years old, and he loves his mom and dad and little brother. Henry is a very special boy and we love him very much. He’s very sharp, smart, and a quick problem solver. He loves the outdoors, especially going on walks, slides, playgrounds, rock climbing walls, jumping, and swimming…. Read more »