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Foster Star Jaki Waggamon: ‘Cute things make me happy’

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By Jessica Noll-Korczyk

WAYNESVILLE, Ohio – Big and lanky Boss (Bobo) bounded toward his mom, as his long black and gray, tousled fur swayed from side to side. His tongue darted out to saturate her face. Jaki Waggamon was the first human mom this furry, fun-loving, excitable puppy—who had more than tripled in size—had ever known, and now… Read more »

Pay It Forward to 4 Paws for Ability

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4 Paws for Ability photo by Jessica Noll-Korczyk

XENIA, Ohio — 4 Paws for Ability is proud to announce the partnership with Pay It Forward (PIF) Apparel, LLC, in an effort to Pay it Forward. Kicking off in March, this cause-marketing partnership will include the opportunity for you to purchase a fabulous PIF T-shirt! The promotion will last year round, starting in March,… Read more »

Boy turns 10, makes dream come true for girl

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EUGENE, Ore. – A red, construction paper, handmade card simply says: “Happy Holidays” with a black-ink pen-drawn paw with four toes. At the top, the words: “to: Alexijanae G.” It’s a birthday present that Cade Jacobson was proud to give to someone else this year. In lieu of birthday gifts, 10-year-old Cade, gave a gift… Read more »

Girl blows out candles, lends helping hand to 4 Paws

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Sarah MacKenzie

Birthday party goes to the dogs at 4 Paws  XENIA, Ohio – What could be better than a birthday party full of puppies? Maybe a girl who, instead of gifts for herself, donates to help those puppies get everything they need to be the best service dogs they can be for children with disabilities who… Read more »

Max, dog in blue

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Police dog Maximilian works hard, serves & protects alongside partner, best friend LAWRENCE, Ind. – Most police partners will tell you that they are willing to take a bullet for their own in blue, however, some partners come in the canine persuasion and make more than a partner, but also a best friend. Maximilian aka… Read more »

Kudos to LEGO!

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Zach & Twinkie

I just got off the phone with LEGO’s Operations Manager for North American Stores regarding our experience at their mall location in NJ. Wow.  He was very apologetic and took full responsibility for what had happened on Saturday. (If you didn’t see my last post, one of their staff was very confused and challenged Twinkie… Read more »

GOOD NEWS: Update on Bobo & Danielle

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Graduation_Dec2012_Holiday Hounds-32

Hi gang! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year is starting out great. Ours is awesome! We love Bobo and he is adjusting very well, considering we have had a house full of company and lots of cooking this season.  He does like to jump on visitors and some think it… Read more »