Tail Wags / Sponsorships

Using therapy equipment donated by the Meyerson Foundation to help our dogs adjust to standing on various types of flooring and viewing large, bright structures which appear out of nowhere.

Using therapy equipment donated by the Meyerson Foundation to help our dogs adjust to standing on various types of flooring and viewing large, bright structures which appear out of nowhere.

Tail Wags to the following individuals and organizations who have made life better for many service dogs, children, and families.

Here is a breakdown of all donors who gave over $5,000-


  • Cynthia D. Lee Enterprises, Inc. DBA – $13,000
  • Autism Care & Treatment Today – $5,000
  • Beverly Cooney – $5,000
  • Community Foundation of Abilene – $10,000
  • Chardith Foundation – $25,000
  • Make a Wish Foundation – $9,078.49 / $13,000
  • Horncrest Foundation, Inc. – $22,000
  • Cheryl Vowels – $6,500
  • SKL Logan Family Foundation – $11,000
  • Sunrise Diagnostics Group – $8,000
  • Lions Sight Conversation Foundation of Blair County Inc. – $8,800
  • Wilson Jones Community Foundation – $7,500
  • Robert H. Hunt – $13,000
  • The Lions of Elburn Charities, Inc. – $13,000
  • Girl Scouts of Alaska Troop #11 – $5,500
  • Barbara Van Walnbeke – $13,000
  • Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program – $6,500
  • Newberg Rotary Foundation – $7,500
  • Sally Fenley – $5,000
  • First Baptist Church of Lakeland – $7,442.50
  • Anonymous Donor – $6,000 / $10,000
  • Matanuska Electric Association – $10,000
  • Helen V. Brach Foundation – $10,000
  • Virginia Kettering Foundation – $7,500
  • Virginia Conlogue Foundation – $10,000


  • Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation – $10,000
  • Joe Busam Foundation – $5,000
  • P&G Fund – $10,000
  • Virginia Conlogue Foundation – $10,000
  • Jean Barger Rice Trust – $29,000
  • The Erma A. Bantz Foundation Scholarship – $15,000
  • Anonymous – $22,000
  • Anonymous – $5,000
  • The Reinberger Foundation – $5,000
  • Tony Stewart Foundation – $7,500
  • Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation – $5,000
  • Robert F. Beard Foundation – $100,000
  • Hatton Foundation – $100,000
  • Joanne and Cyrus Spurlino – $5,000
  • Harold C. Schott Foundation – $22,000
  • Petfinder Foundation and Intervet/Shering-Plough Animal Health have granted us 295 doses Influenza Vaccine valued at $5310.
  • P&G’s Eukanuba Division donates 44,800 pounds of Eukanuba to 4 Paws for Ability! Did you know that we typically spend about $8,000 a month on dog food? With this donation by P&Gof 44,800 pounds of dog food, we should be spending only about $1,000 for dogs on special foods for a while. So it cut our spending by $7,000 a month and Eukanuba is $1 a pound so this is the equivalent of a $44,000 donation.

Tail Wags for many other people and companies:

  • THE COVINGTON-KENTON COUNTY, KENTUCKY KIWANIS held a wine tasting on August 20 at Mansion Hill Studio & Gallery that raised $759 for 4 Paws for Ability, Inc. Piper is shown here accepting the check. Founded in 1945, the Covington Kenton County Kiwanis Club is an organization of service-minded men and women who respond to the unique needs of children in the northern Kentucky community. This dynamic group meets every Tuesday at John Phillip’s Restaurant in Crestview Hills, KY at noon. You’re invited.
  • Thanks, P&G PETCARE, SPECIFICALLY IAMS for donating about 8,600 pounds of dog food! We had to rent 5 PODS to hold it all as well as filling the garage! Thank you, IAMS, thank you!
  • Our thanks for $10,000 from the P & G FUND OF THE GREATER CINCINNATI FOUNDATION AND THE P & G FUND AND IAMS for sponsoring our graduating teams of 2008 by providing all the equipment needed for the dogs including harnesses or vests, mutt mats, treat bags, leashes and collars, tethering straps, and other specialized equipment.
  • AARON’S OUTDOORS sponsors summer charity fishing trip that will be aired on TV’s Pursuit Channel. NYLABONE Thanks, Nylabone, for the HUGE shipment of Nylabone products for our dogs. 4 Paws uses only Nylabone dog toys for our dogs chewing needs and exclusively use Nylabone and Kong products for the safety of our dogs as they play. We are grateful for your continued generosity.
  • SOUTHPAW ENTERPRISES $2292.60 in equipment for our play area. Southpaw Enterprises offer sensory integration and developmental products, pediatric therapy equipment, resources, and support for therapeutic professionals, health care professionals, schools, and families.
  • HELEN LIEU went online after reading a newspaper story and decided to donate $1000 to help each child on the Make A Dream Come True page! With PayPal’s matching donation, that was $110 to each child! A paws up to Helen.
  • BilJac: Super Premium Dog Food and Super Premium Cat Food.
  • CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, JOYCE J. CAMMILLERI FUND: $24,000 for the training of service dogs for five children.
  • IMPACT AUTISM: Sponsor of our children’s play areas. Outdoor play equipment, computers, and other play activities. $5,000.
  • GRAND TEMPLE OF OHIO, PYTHIAN SISTERS RUBY MORGAN, SPGC: $10,120.00 to help 2 special children get their service dogs! HEALTH CARE EXCEL, INC. $1,000 for physical therapy mats and other items from the Children’s Factory.
  • FM GLOBAL FOUNDATION: with thanks to Sandra M Corrente $3,400.00 for service dog training.
  • HUESTON FOUNDATION: Many thanks for donating $25,000 to assist with the placement of service dogs with children with disabilities.
  • IAMS COMPANY: $5,000 to support our Prison Programs.
  • THE JOHN E. & BETTY J. MEYER FAMILY FOUNDATION: $4,000 to help us with the placement of service dogs with children who need them!
  • HERON OAKS FOUNDATION: $1,350 for service dog training. A special thanks to John Maynard.
  • FREED FOUNDATION $5,000 for General Support which is a much needed support and often neglected by foundations.  
  • Using therapy equipment donated by the Meyerson Foundation to help our dogs adjust to standing on various types of flooring and viewing large, bright structures which appear out of nowhere.
  • DAVID AND MINNIE MEYERSON FOUNDATION: Sponsorship of the indoor children’s play area with loads of sensory awareness equipment, play mats, and other items, 2 special chairs for young special needs children unable to sit without assistance; our new Whelping room with a deluxe 2 dog run and isolation cages; of our new dog wash with a deluxe dog tub and also 3 outdoor dog pens; and our new improved web site!
  • JENRON FOUNDATION: $90,000 to make the dreams come true for all the families needing dogs at Christmas 2006.
  • HENRY H. UIHLEIN AND MARION S. UIHLEIN FOUNDATION: $2,500 to help a family in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area obtain a service dog.
  • UPS SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS AND THEIR EMPLOYEES: Sponsorship of a giant wooden outdoor Monster Truck (10 feet tall – lifesize) with slides and climbing equipment. $2,133.00.
  • BRENNA PENROSE ATTORNEY, 4 PAWS FOR ABILITY, INC. Our deepest thanks for the hours of work done at reduced to no cost!

Tail Wags to the following veterinary practices for caring for our Service Dogs In-Training:

  • Veterinary Associates, 1920 U.S. 68 North, Xenia, Ohio 45385. Phone (937) 372-9978.
  • Covenant Animal Clinic, Josh Miller, DVM, 141 N. State Rt. 42, Waynesville, OH 45068. Phone (513) 897-5171.