Puppy Raiser

Our Puppy Raiser program puts service dogs in training into homes for basic obedience, house manners, and socialization until they are ready to return for advance training around the age of a year old. 4 Paws supplies the tools and information necessary to be successful in puppy raising. We are committed to partnering with you to achieve this goal.


  • No prior experience necessary and you will receive a startup set of supplies
  • Complete an online training program and attend an in-person orientation at 4 Paws for Ability
  • Attend a monthly obedience class at 4 Paws for Ability or one of our off-site locations
  • Complete required online reports
  • Comply with 4 Paws policies and procedures as outlined in Puppy Raiser paperwork
  • Provide a stable, safe environment for a puppy to live
  • Willing to provide at least four socialization outings a week
  • Willing to travel to and from 4 Paws for Ability as necessary with a reliable means of transportation

Puppy Raiser Opportunities

  • Traditional Puppy Raiser – individual or family looking to foster a 4 Paws dog in their home
  • Weekend Puppy Raiser – individual or family looking to foster a 4 Paws dog in Advanced Training in their home on weekends or evenings and weekends
  • University Puppy Raiser – individual enrolled at a college looking to foster a 4 Paws dog on or off campus
  • Puppy Sitter – individual or family looking to short-term assist with puppy raising during the day or overnight for primary puppy raisers

About Puppy Raising

All of the dogs that 4 Paws for Ability places as service dogs are bred and born at our Xenia, Ohio facility. After our puppies are born, they spend time together with their mom getting basic exposure to people, sights, and sounds through our Puppy Enrichment Program. Their next step to their future career as a service dog is being placed in a puppy raiser home. 4 Paws needs and values volunteer puppy raisers and puppy sitters to make placing 4 Paws service dogs a success.

How do I become a 4 Paws Puppy Raiser?

Step 1: Complete an application

Click on the link below to submit your application! You will be asked to upload pictures of your home environment and a picture of yourself in order to complete this application.

If you rent your apartment or home, you will need to complete the Landlord Verification Form to verify their support and awareness of the program.  The signed form will need to be uploaded with your application.

Apply Now

Complete the application online here:  http://bit.ly/PuppyRaiserApp

Step 2: Processing Application

4 Paws will be processing complete applications within 1-2 weeks. We will then reach out to you to do an interview and confirm your attendance at a future orientation.

Step 3: Online Puppy Raiser Training Program

This is a comprehensive online training program to prepare our puppy raisers with the skills necessary to successfully work with a service dog in training. It will cover topics such as: potty training, obedience commands, rules and policies, health concerns, etc.

This is currently in the works and will be debuted by Spring 2018!

Step 4: Attend an Orientation

The last step is attending an orientation at 4 Paws for Ability where you will learn hands on how to interact with your dog and will be picking up your supplies and service dog in training.

If you have any questions during this process please feel free to contact us!

207 Dayton Ave
Xenia OH 45385