Puppy Donation

If you would like to donate your puppy to 4 Paws please email Karen at karen4paws@aol.com or call 937-374-0385 to tell us about your puppy/puppies. We would be happy to speak with you and can let you know if we are currently in need of puppies. If so, we will ask you a few additional questions to help determine whether your puppy might be a suitable candidate for our program. Health is important so testing for breed specific health issues before you breed is important to us and we will want to know what testing you have done with your dogs before breeding.

Your puppy will be raised in a variety of settings. Some of our puppies are raised in prison by inmates and some in local foster homes. Many of our dogs spend time with a college student on campus for a semester. Wherever your puppy is raised the puppy will receive tender loving care, lots of socialization, and excellent veterinary care. At the age of about 9 months your puppy will start training with one of our professional dog trainers and by 18 months should be in a working home. Of course you are welcome to attend the graduation.

If your puppy does not make the grade and is not suitable to work as a service dog for any reason we can let you know and if you wish you can have first right of refusal for adopting the puppy. We will let you know if your puppy was in a foster home and they wish to adopt the puppy. This would be the family your dog has known since he or she arrived as their family and you may choose to allow the puppy to stay with them. If you do not wish to adopt your puppy, we take great pride in finding only the best of homes for the dogs that are dropped from service dog placement. We make a commitment to every dog we take in and regardless of whether they become working dogs or not it is our responsibility to assure they have appropriate homes that will provide them with the same quality of love and care they are accustomed to.

Thank you for considering such a valuable donation to 4 Paws!