Madison Rice

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MadisonMadison Kate Rice 6 (7 on 7/23)

Madison was born at 24 weeks and had to be resuscitated, she had a grade IV brain bleed and seizure at birth. She spent 5 months in NICU.

Madison came to live with us at 18 months, and she was adopted at 3.  At birth and as she grows we find new challenges. Madison can not walk, sit, communicate, and chew. She also does not gain weight very well at all. She is un–aware of danger; she can not catch her self when she falls. She is legally blind. When you carry her she does not know how to hold on to you. Madison has had two shunt surgeries in the last 2 years; those are always an emergency as you never know when they will go bad. She has pulled her Gtube out many times, so I have learned to replace them myself. She can have a seizure at any given moment.

Every day is a challenge; we have to do every day things that most of us take for granted. She must be supervised in every way from the bath, swing even on the floor since she is very active we have to make sure she does not get under the TV stand or kick the fire place hearth that is made of brick. Madison has a modified army crawl; she uses her left side only to pull her self along, and wiggles her body like a worm.

Madison is very happy, very energetic for a child who is not mobile, in her own ways she gives hugs. Madison is a Girl Scout Brownie, and her troop is special to her. She loves music, she loves to swim with her parents and sister, and she is a very happy little girl. She likes to ride in her wagon.

Madison has Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis, Seizures, Acid Reflux, she is legally blind, she is also tube fed. Multi purpose dog to alert us to seizures, push buttons for doors when my hands are full, to give cuddles, to retrieve toys she has dropped, to be used during therapy for mobility work.

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