Make a Dream Come True

Every day, families around the country are raising money so their children with disabilities can receive service dogs to improve their lives. Here are some stories of the children and their families working to reach their goals. To learn more about our children’s stories, please click on a letter to find a listing by last name.

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*In July of 2016, 4 Paws for Ability was required to restructure their fundraising model.  Families can continue fundraising to cover the fee, and information about the changes can be located here

*Family fundraising pages may reflect different fundraising amounts or fundraising policies.  Families are bound to the contract they sign and requirements do not change for that family.  4 Paws has no time limit on how long it takes families to fundraise the fee for service, we understand that families with advanced medical needs may have unexpected life events that postpone their fundraising work – this is why you may see different total amounts needed across each story, as the amounts are reflective of the fee at the time that family was accepted into the 4 Paws program.

*Some families elect not to list on the Make a Dream Come True page.  If you would like to confirm someone is fundraising with 4 Paws or want to ensure your donation helps the right child, you can call for assistance.