Chloe Reynolds

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O20131221_102740utgoing, generous, kind, full of energy and always with a smile are words that easily describe our daughter, Chloe Reynolds. Chloe was four when she started losing her hearing. Even with extensive hospital visits, multiple doctors and many, many tests, we have no explanation as to why she is losing her hearing. Even though Chloe wears hearing aids, she has a substantial hearing loss in both ears and struggles daily. Without her hearing aids Chloe cannot hear at all. Chloe’s hearing has progressively gotten worse and this past year she started using an interpreter in school.

We recently decided that this time in our lives is a good time to get an assistant dog for Chloe. She is getting older and the signs that she needs more independence are very obvious now and her anxiety level with her deafness seems to be increasing the older she gets. Her life will be changing drastically in a just a few short years when she begins college and starts living a different, more independent life. This is the right time for us to include an assistant animal in Chloe’s life. Everyone wants their child to be successful, confident and independent and that’s exactly how an assistant dog would benefit us.

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