Caleb and Rory Marshall

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img_3737Caleb and Rory are 3 year old twins. Born just two weeks early but with neurological delays, they were the perfect addition that completed our family of 8! We met them when they were only 1 week old, brought them home from the NICU before they were 2 months old, and adopted them at 18 months. We can’t imagine life without these energetic, beautiful, sweet boys. They were diagnosed with sensory modulation disorder when they were two; they are both sensory seekers. We used to think they were just insanely energetic boys, but when they began occupational therapy, they literally instantly calmed down. We’ve seen a lot of improvement since then, and it’s been encouraging to have various friends say they see an improvement too, but the boys are still overwhelming much of the time.

They like to climb the outside of our stairs and sometimes try to jump off! They bang their heads on things and jump off furniture, purposely landing on their faces. They need help going to sleep. Deep pressure, joint compressions, and weighted blankets help significantly, but we still have to sit with them until they fall asleep, and even at three, they don’t consistently sleep through the night.

We’ve put chains on all our doors because we can’t keep Caleb inside. He’s disappeared at 1 am (we heard him pounding on the door to get back in) and in the dead of winter. Caleb will choke and gag himself until he throws up. He’s burned himself and not noticed.
Rory still occasionally bites for no reason. He has meltdowns when he’s overstimulated and can get violent for a three year old. He also doesn’t seem to understand how time outs work, possibly a result of his language delays. It makes it difficult to discipline him when he doesn’t understand that I need him to stop screaming instead of repeating, “no screaming” while still screaming.

4Paws can provide us with a Multipurpose Assistance Dog trained in behavior disruption, tethering, and tracking. Our hope is that the dog will be able to help calm the boys down, assist in keeping them safe, and give them more independence while also freeing up our older kids from having to help so much with the intensive supervision the twins need.

It will cost 4 Paws $34,000 to train a dog for us, and we have committed to raising $17,000 of that. If you could make a donation to 4 Paws for Ability in honor of Rory and Caleb, we would be so grateful.

Please mail your donation to:
4 Paws for Ability, Inc.
In honor of Caleb and Rory Marshall
253 Dayton Ave.
Xenia, Ohio 45385

Donations can also be made online at: lease include Caleb and Rory’s name in the “instructions to merchant” through PayPal.