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Liv Bender

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When my daughter Liv was born, the first thing that ran through my mind as a parent was how many new things I was going to show Liv.  Little did I know that Liv would be the one to teach me more than I could ever imagine.  From the minute she was born, Liv was… Read more »

Silas Perea

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4 Paws for Silas Silas is an amazing five-year old boy who has autism.  Autism does not define him, but it creates many challenges for him and makes his world harder to navigate.  Silas is fortunate to have a little sister, Cadance, who may be his biggest fan.  Her love for Silas is so sweet… Read more »

Matty Pangle

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Hello!  My name is Matty Pangle, and I am seven years old.  Thank you for taking a moment to read my story! I was born the day after Easter in 2007.  My mommy had preeclampsia, so I came into the world a few weeks early.  Mommy said that it was love at first sight. Mommy… Read more »

Cooper Mason

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My name is Jaclyn Mason, and I live in Trumann, AR. I am writing this today to ask for your help in supporting an organization that I find very worthy. 4 Paws for Ability is a non-profit organization out of Xenia, Ohio, that has been helping children and adults with disabilities since 1998. They place… Read more »

Bryton & Aspen Charles

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Meet Bryton & Aspen Charles We are the Charles family; there are four of us, my husband Daniel, Bryton, Aspen Jace and myself, Susan Charles. Bryton is our first child; my husband and I are a little older than most couples having their first child. We had prayed for so long to have a child…. Read more »

Sutton Lindgren

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Sutton Lindgren Sutton is an active, happy, affectionate 9 year old boy with big blue eyes, a contagious smile and cute dimples. The things that make him smile include making movies on his iPod, recording music from his keyboard to his computer and writing lists of his interests on his iPad. He is never without… Read more »

Abigail Rosenfeld

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Abigail is an energetic and loving nine-year-old girl with long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her laughter and joy can light up a room, but when seizures strike, she becomes quiet and withdrawn. Suddenly, she will stop in the middle of an activity and stand frozen in time, unresponsive. Her seizures can vary in… Read more »

Kaitlyn Hedrick

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Kaitlyn is a beautiful four-year-old blonde haired, blue eyed girl whose soul shines through her eyes. She has an amazing sense of humor and loves to laugh. But with that comes many struggles. A routine trip to the grocery store, doctor’s office, or even a local park becomes too overwhelming for her.   We are… Read more »

Evan Brosky

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4 PAWS 4 EVAN- A Quest for an Autism Assistance Dog This is my story, written by my mommy, Christine Brosky as seen through my eyes: “I’m an angel sent from heaven!” That’s what Mommy says about me. I make the world smile! I’m full of life, unconditional love and excess energy so I keep… Read more »

Aiden Ingle

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Our son Aiden is one of the most amazing kids you will ever meet. At just 7 years old, he has faced more hardships than many of us care to even think about. He works so hard just to do the things that we all take for granted each and every day, like talking and… Read more »