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Dogs Making a Difference – Jewell and Rubix

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We celebrated Jewell’s birthday last Saturday at the bowling alley with the galaxy lights. She loves bowling and the lights. Unfortunately, another group of patrons were afraid of dogs and being very vocal about a dog being in the bowling alley. They felt it shouldn’t be there in any way. I offered to spontaneously relocate… Read more »

Caden Nichols

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Caden is our amazing 8-year-old son. On the surface Caden seems to be a typical 8-year-old boy, he plays with his sister he rides the bus and goes to school and loves animals, cars You-Tube videos and his family. However, at his 18-month checkup we had begun to realize Caden wasn’t using many words and… Read more »

Samaria Gerads

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Samaria was born 05/13/2009 during a rain and thunderstorm in Rochester, MN. When she was born, she was not breathing, At first they lay her on me to get her started and there was no response. The nurses then whisked her away to work on her. I remember telling my husband to grab the camera and… Read more »