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Max Gagner

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This lovely little boy is Max! He is a very sweet 5 year old boy who loves animals, playing on the phone, and helping others.  He was diagnosed when he was 3 years old with Autism, ADHD, mood dysregulation and sensory processing disorder. As he has grown we have learned he has generalized anxiety and… Read more »

Alexander Helm

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FIVE-YEAR-OLD BOY IN NEED OF LIFE-SAVING AUTISM ASSISTANCE DOG  Xander Helm is five years old and has two sisters. He attends kindergarten at Abraham Lincoln Elementary and is very active. He is constantly running and jumping. Anybody that knows him knows that he is such a sweet, lovable little boy. Xander enjoys doing puzzles, music,… Read more »

Gabriel Conway

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Meet Gabriel Conway! Gabe is an energetic 3 year old who has a smile that lights up any room. We adopted Gabe from birth and are so blessed to be his parents. When Gabe was born, he had bilateral club foot that required extensive casting and braces to correct. Fortunately, his feet are doing great… Read more »

Bo Stell

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by our dream page! We are the Stell family from Southeast Missouri. We have three loving daughters and a sweet son, Bo. What are we dreaming of? A seizure assistance dog for Bo. Bo began having long, unexplained seizures at 8.5 months old. He continued to have seizures every two… Read more »

Elian Lopez

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Meet Elian I am writing this letter with much excitement for what God is doing in our lives and the lives of others! He is so faithful and powerful; I am in awe of Him. As part of the Harvest Season I have completed an application for a service dog (Autism Assistance Dog) through an… Read more »

Freedom from “dis” Ability Gala and 20th Anniversary Celebration

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4 Paws for Ability is excited to share that 2018 marks 20 years of freedom from disability through the placement of task trained service dogs with children and veterans. Founder, Karen Shirk, envisioned a place where every person with a disability was viewed as equal, valuable, and important following her own struggles to obtain a… Read more »

Hudson Ruh

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Hudson, our 4 year old son, was diagnosed 2 years ago with a very rare genetic disease called GAND (a mutation of the GATAD2B gene).  This disease greatly impairs his speech, cognition, and mobility.  He also has the genes for another rare disease called nemaline myopathy which is in the family of muscular dystrophy and… Read more »

Charlotte S

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A victim of the opioid crisis, some said she didn’t have a chance. This little girl was born addicted and then abused. Left a shaken baby with a crushed skull, broken ribs, and sprained neck at two months of age, her future was bleak and heartbreaking. She had cortical blindness, cerebral palsy and global developmental… Read more »

Vincent Wilch

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Greetings, from the Wilch family! We are a military family stationed in San Antonio, Texas. Our 5 year old son, Vincent, has special needs and our infant daughter is medically fragile. Vincent has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS, an uncommon speech motor disorder), and Eosinophilic… Read more »

Alayna Jones

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Hello everyone this is my sweet baby girl, Alayna, who was diagnosed with epilepsy, absent seizures, and a rare disorder called Sunflower Syndrome, one year ago in December. She is not able to be in the sun without supervision or she has tonic clinic seizures. Sunflower Syndrome is not well understood, but it is characterized… Read more »