Aaren Wallace-Larkin

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photo(3)-Aaren (Renny) Wallace-Larkin

-age 8

-Mom is a breast cancer survivor, induced at nine months with Aaren’s older sister, Lillian, at age 31. Lillian had no repercussions from the cancer-related induction. Mom is also a special education teacher and when Aaren was six months old she noticed Aaren’s developmental delays.

-Aaren has no health issues. He was diagnosed with autism at age four and an intellectual disability at age six. Aaren has hypersensitive hearing. One of the few things that upsets him is a baby’s cry.

-Mom says, “The biggest challenges we have faced have to do with Aaren’s curious nature. He has no sense that the world is a dangerous place. He requires constant supervision to assure his safety. It is also a challenge to engage him with typical toys. He is constantly drawn to sensory activities such as light switches, water faucets, opening and closing doors, and things that spin. We have to keep locks on our bathrooms, and assure backyard gates are locked and tethered at all times.”

-At school Aaren is fully included but requires 1:1 supervision. He has a very trusting, loving nature and would walk away with a stranger.

-The autism service dog this family is raising money for is first and foremost for his safety. The service dog will also help with social skill development and increase his ability to care for others.

-Aaren loves his family time out-and-about with his mother, father, sister, and many friends. The service dog will help to keep Aaren close to photo(1)his family in public. The Wallace-Larkins are big proponents of inclusion. The dog will increase Aaren’s independence.

-Aaren loves people and people love Aaren! Ever since he was a baby, people have been drawn to Aaren’s infectious smile and truly joyful spirit. He has the purest nature of warmth and happiness.

-We ask that you consider offering anything you can to help us raise $13,000 for a service dog to support Aaren’s safety, independence, and rightful place in the world. His disability may result in him having “special needs,” but his family and friends believe that together, with your help, this commitment to inclusion will change his life and the world!