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Andi Ober

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This is our vivacious little girl, Andi Ober. She has so much personality, but is shy and reserved when away from home. New places and people can be quite difficult for her to adjust to. Most of this anxiety stems from her having Epilepsy. When Andi was a baby, she would have periods of time… Read more »

Andrew Edwards

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Hi friends, I’m Andrew! I’m 5 years old and just happen to have autism. Most of the time I’m just a normal little boy running, jumping, making lots of noise and often a mess, too! I love playing in the water, dancing, running fast, playing with Playdoh, visiting with different animals, and anything that has… Read more »

Leah Hatton

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Meet 4-year-old Leah. Leah, who was born June 3, 2011, likes: anything with music, water (loves taking a bath), also loves someone to sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” loves attention! Leah also has 3 other siblings. One being her big brother Steve (17) big sister Faith (11), and her other sister Haley (9). As a… Read more »